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Ojeos de Perdiz

Partridge Shooting in Spain

Are you looking for a farm for partridge shooting?

Look no further! In this website you will find all the farms that perform driven hunts and partridge releases. Our objective is simply to put in contact owners and hunters to continue promoting this hunting modality. Select the province where you want to carry out the driven hunts and you will be able to contact directly with the owners, so that they can inform you about prices and modalities!

How to choose a partridge shooting?

Nowadays, there are several farms that offer the possibility of enjoying a partridge shooting, but due to the scarcity of this bird, there are more and more farms that carry out partridge releases or shootings.

It is worth mentioning this difference because in this web you will find farms that carry out traditional partridge shooting with scouts and others in which partridges are released from the top of a hill and the posts are placed around it.

Both modalities share the traditional “tacos” and “lunches” where hunters replenish their strength and exchange opinions about their sets.

Although in each of the farm cards that we have published it is indicated which type of hunting is carried out, one way to identify if it is a shooting or a partridge release is in the price. Generally, releases have a price per partridge of 10 € and in traditional driven hunts this price rises to 20 €, 30 € or 40 € depending on whether it is per partridge collected or not.

FAQS about partridge shoots

Do we organize partridge driven hunts?

No, we simply publish the properties sent to us by the owners who organize this type of hunting and therefore we offer direct contact with the property.

Have the published properties been validated?

Yes, when we receive a request to publish a property, we personally talk to the owners to verify all the information before publishing it.

How much does a partridge shooting cost?

It depends on the type of farm you choose. There are farms that offer small releases from 180€/place and others that offer a more traditional driven partridge shoot including taco, food and secretary that can cost around 1300€/place.

How can I publish my farm?

If you have a farm for the organization of driven hunts or partridge releases, we provide you with this showcase so that you can reach a greater number of customers. Click here to send us all the information.